Graduate Students

Graduate students

Grace Anthony


Research interests: Homeric literature and Greek tragedy

Education: B.A., Classical Languages, Trinity University, 2017

Zoe S. Barnett


Research interests: foreign language pedagogy; Catullan obscene language; gendered language and the construction of the poetic ego in Latin lyric and elegy

Education: B.A., Liberal Arts, concentration in Humanities and Social Thought, Louisiana Scholars' College at Northwestern State University, 2016

Eric Beckman


Research interests: Greek literature; Roman art; material culture; interplays between art and text

Education: B.A., Classical Civilizations and Greek, DePauw University, 2010; M.A., Classics, Indiana University, 2014

Sean Brink


Research interests: Greek and Latin mythology; gender roles in the classical world; women in classical mythology

Education: B.A., Language Studies (Latin), Indiana State University, 2016

Claire Drone-Silvers


Research interests: late antiquity; Latin and Greek poetry; manuscript studies; classical linguistics and philology

Education: B.A., Classics, Truman State University, 2015; B.S., Linguistics, Truman State University, 2015

Herman Hannan


Education: B.A., Classics, St. Olaf College, 2018

Zackary Hegarty


Research interests: Greek Imperial literature, narratology, identity politics

Education: B.A., Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Pennsylvania State University, 2016; B.A., Italian Language and Literature, Pennsylvania State University, 2016; M.A., Classical Studies, Villanova University, 2018

Sidney Kochman


Research interests: women in Athenian legal and social history; old comedy

Education: B.A., Classics - Greek and Latin, Ohio Wesleyan University, 2013

Benjamin Leach


Research interests: archaic and classical Greek history, esp. Herodotus; ancient ethnography

Education: B.A., Ancient History and Classics, The Ohio State University, 2014; B.A., Greek and Latin, The Ohio State University, 2014; M.A., Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, Classics Concentration, The University of New Mexico, 2017

Tom Pappas


Research interests: Greek linguistics; Homer; Greek military history

Education: B.A., University of Notre Dame, 2010; M.A., Indiana University, 2010

Madeline Parrish


Research interests: Greek epic and poetry; Athenian law and discourse; pedagogy

Education: B.A., Classics and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2017

Abby Pullen


Research interests: Latin elegy; Roman epic, esp. Lucan; ancient sexuality

Education: B.A., Latin and Classics, Marshall University, 2017

Matthew Rodney


Research interests: Roman history; Latin historians; classical archaeology

Education: B.A., Classical Humanities and History, University of Southern Maine; M.A., Ancient History and Languages, Indiana University

Sean Tandy


Research interests: late Roman and early Byzantine history; Boethius; Maximianus; early Christian thought; Roman satire; Roman philosophy

Education: B.A., Classics, University of New Hampshire, 2010; M.A., Classics, Indiana University, 2012

Elizabeth Ussery


Education: B.A., Humanities, University of Central Oklahoma, 2017