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Our department offers an extensive range of classes to complement and expand your advanced degree in Classical Studies. From the archaeology of Bronze Age Greece to Medieval Latin, our department will challenge and inspire you to master as many course areas and languages as possible.

We offer a wide range of courses to graduate students, including year-long surveys of Latin and Greek Literature, Latin and Greek composition classes, and a Literary and Cultural Theory class. Our students also benefit from the rich course offerings of other departments including History, Comparative Literature, Religious Studies, and Art History that explore diverse facets of the ancient world.

Highlighted courses

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CLAS-G518: Readings in Greek Epic

Ancient Greek poets composed epic poetry from the archaic period to late antiquity. This course focuses on one or two periods in the history of ancient Greek epic. Students might explore questions of orality and textuality in the context of Homeric epic; query the relationship between the Homeric poems, Hesiodic poetry, and the Homeric Hymns; study Apollonius’s engagement with his Hellenistic counterparts; or investigate Nonnus’s responses to his predecessors.

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CLAS-L544: Roman Comedy

In its most recent iteration, this course focused on Plautus with readings from two plays, Rudens and Poenulus. In addition to learning about Plautine expression (vocabulary, style, meter), students studied his plays as literature and performance. They read selected secondary literature on the historical and literary contexts of Roman comedy to understand how Plautine comedy intersected with Roman life in the second century BCE.

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