Classical Civilization B.A.

Culture & Literature

Those on the Culture and Literature track will take Classical Studies courses such as Classical Drama, Classical Myth and Culture in Film, The Golden Age of Athens, and The Golden Age of Rome. You can also choose from a variety of cross-listed courses in other departments, including History and Religious Studies.

Is this degree a good fit for you?

This degree attracts students from a variety of backgrounds and interests. Some qualities that might indicate this degree is right for you include:

  • A strong general interest in exploring the languages and cultures of the ancient world
  • Desire to study many different facets of the cultures of Ancient Rome and Greece, including their literature, mythology, history, art, and architecture
  • Aspiration to pursue a career in medicine, law, business, education, journalism, or the arts
  • Desire to study abroad, travel, or participate in archaeological work around the Mediterranean
  • An interest in cultural opportunities like art museums, theater, opera, and ballet

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