Study the past & prepare for the future

Indiana University’s Classical Studies department offers undergraduate and graduate degrees that prepare you for a broad range of academic and career opportunities. Our outstanding faculty teach courses in ancient Greek and Latin, art and architecture, literature, mythology, film, and classical civilization. We also offer exciting study abroad opportunities, along with scholarships to help support your pursuits.

Our undergraduate degrees include:

  • B.A.: Latin and Greek
  • B.A. Classical Civilization: Culture and Literature or Art and Archaeology
  • Minors: Ancient Greek, Latin, or Classical Civilization

We offer several graduate options:

  • M.A. or Ph.D.: Classical Studies, Latin and Greek
  • M.A.T.: Classical Studies (in conjunction with the School of Education)
  • Minors: Latin and Greek (for students in other departments)

Our department is an active participant in the interdisciplinary Ancient Studies and Medieval Studies Ph.D. minor programs. We also collaborate with numerous other departments and programs in the College.

Interested in learning about our degree programs?