Scholarships & Awards

The College of Arts and Sciences also offers more than 350 scholarships.

Departmental scholarships

Lillian Gay Berry Latin Scholarship

This scholarship supports students majoring in Latin.

Verne Schuman Scholarship

Schuman scholarships are for Indiana residents majoring in either Latin or Greek.

Alice Fox Award

This award supports students who intend to teach, preferably at the high school level. Awards are based on scholastic accomplishment, merit, and demonstrated financial need.

Gertrude Johnson Scholarship

Preference is given to students who intend to teach Latin at the secondary level.

Norman T. Pratt Traveling Fellowship

This fellowship allows a qualified undergraduate or graduate major in Classical Studies at Indiana University to gain firsthand knowledge of the people and monuments of classical lands. Preference is given to candidates who have not previously traveled to Greece or Italy.

David and Jenny Curry Scholarship

This scholarship assists students interested in studying Greek and Latin. Curry scholarships are given for study on the Indiana University campus, as well as for study abroad opportunities.

Other scholarship & award opportunities

High achieving students may be recognized for Academic Honors in the College of Arts and Sciences, or be eligible for admission to the Hutton Honors College.

External Fellowship Opportunities:

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