Classical Studies courses

Most students begin with CLAS-L100: Elementary Latin I (if focusing on Latin), or CLAS-G100: Elementary Greek I (if focusing on Classical Greek). If you have previous Latin or Classical Greek language experience, your language placement will depend on your: Latin Foreign Language Placement Exam; successful completion of an in-person placement test for Classical Greek; or AP credit.

We offer introductory and advanced civilization classes on Roman or Greek culture, classical mythology, classical art and archaeology, film, and more. And, all of our Classical Civilization majors complete a senior capstone, which focuses on a special topic each fall semester. Examples include: early Rome, ancient sexualities, the Trojan War, and the Athenian aristocracy.

Highlighted courses

C-308: Roman Law

In C308 Roman Law, students learn about the Roman legal system and they practice of legal analysis. This semester we focus on water rights and public resources, investigating how Romans regulated rivers and aqueducts.

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CLAS L-304: Catullus

The poet Catullus has many faces: the hopeless and suffering romantic, the sassy slinger of insults, the erudite composer of mythological narrative. In this course, we will explore a range of his poetry in the original Latin and consider how it responds to the world in which he lived, the increasingly unsteady Roman Republic in the age of Caesar.

CLAS-C 305: Ethnicity, Nationality, and Race in Classical Antiquity (

The Mediterranean Sea has been considered as a cauldron of globalization. As a result of travel and trade, which were often driven by conquest or colonization, ideas about race and ethnicity developed. These ideas would shape the Mediterranean throughout antiquity and still inform racial discourse in the modern world.

CLAS-G 407: Greek Historians

This course introduces students to the historical writings of Herodotus, Thucydides, or Xenophon in the original Greek, with close attention to how the genre of historiography emerged in ancient Greece in the classical period and how the social, political, and cultural environment shaped it.

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