Expand your horizons

By collaborating with numerous programs and departments, we can provide you with options to expand and enrich your graduate experience. For example, explore the ancient Mediterranean and Near East with a Ph.D. minor in the Ancient Studies program, or delve into the Middle Ages through a Ph.D. minor in Medieval Studies. We also offer a Ph.D. minor in Latin or Greek for students in related programs outside of our department.

Ancient Studies Ph.D. minor

Our department encourages depth and breadth in the study of antiquity, and we recognize the value that collaboration between disciplines adds to your Classical Studies degree. We maintain close ties with departments including History, Art History, Religious Studies, and more to enrich our course offerings. These interdepartmental and interdisciplinary partnerships have made our Program in Ancient Studies Ph.D. minor possible. This program emphasizes the history, art, architecture, literature, music, philosophy, religion, and science of antiquity and helps students develop interdisciplinary approaches to the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean and Near East.

This program brings together faculty from sixteen departments and programs and offers a range of colloquia, workshops, conferences, and lectures each year, hosted by distinguished visitors. The annual Distinguished Lecturer Series brings two internationally renowned scholars for a public lecture and meetings with students and faculty.

The Ancient Studies Ph.D. minor allows graduate students to take relevant courses from two or more departments outside the student’s major in the Department of Classical Studies.

Medieval Studies Ph.D. minor

Our department is actively involved with the Medieval Studies Institute, which draws on faculty from twenty different departments. A minor in Medieval Studies allows you to explore medieval cultures from the fifth to the fifteenth centuries as you look at the relationships of religious, social, political, and aesthetic practices, texts, and objects.

Ph.D. minor in Greek and Latin

Students in related programs may elect to pursue our Ph.D. minor in Greek or Latin. If you have previous experience in the language(s), you may be asked to take a diagnostic examination before entering into study for the minor. Your program of study is planned in consultation with the director of graduate studies.