Latin and Greek B.A.

Is this degree a good fit for you?

This degree attracts students from a variety of backgrounds and interests. Some qualities that might indicate this degree is right for you include:

  • A strong general interest in exploring the languages and cultures of the ancient world
  • Desire to study many different facets of the cultures of Ancient Rome and Greece, including their literature, mythology, history, art, and architecture
  • Aspiration to pursue a career in medicine, law, business, education, journalism, or the arts
  • Desire to study abroad, travel, or participate in archaeological work around the Mediterranean
  • An interest in cultural opportunities like art museums, theater, opera, and ballet

Getting started

If you studied Latin or Classical Greek before coming to Indiana University Bloomington, you may be able to jump right into a literature course at the 300 or 400 level. Otherwise, you can begin in our elementary Latin or Greek sequence. The first year focuses on grammar while the second year courses introduce history and literature. If you have completed your foreign language requirement in another language, you may apply to take our intensive introductory sequence. Be sure to take the online Latin placement exam to find the right Latin course for you. Contact our advisor to determine what level of Greek to take if you have prior coursework in Greek.

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Language Special Credit Form

Proceed with this form only if you matriculated at IU after May 1, 2003 and have completed a LATIN/ANCIENT GREEK course on the Bloomington campus:

  • If you test into L250/G250 and complete this course with a C or better, you can claim special credit for L200/G200.
  • If you test into a L300-level or L400-level course OR a G300-level or G400-level course and complete it with a C or better, you can claim special credit for L200/G200 and/or L250/G250.

Special credit form

Latin tutoring

Latin students can get study help from our Latin instructors. For more personalized help, we have a peer-tutoring program in which advanced undergraduate Latin majors work with you by private arrangement. Our Latin peer tutors are available to work with Latin students in IU classes and at local high schools.