CLAS L-304: Catullus

CLAS-L304 — Spring 2021

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Kenneth Draper
BH 008 (Tues), Web (Thurs)
Days and Times
T/Th 1:10p-2:25p
Course Description

The poet Catullus has countless faces: the hopeless and suffering romantic, the sassy slinger of insults, the erudite composer of mythological narrative. A member of the “neoteric,” or “modern,” circle of poets in mid-1st cent BCE Rome, he radically remade the literary past and set the stage for Augustan poets like Virgil and Ovid. In this course, we will explore a range of his poetry in the original Latin and consider how it responds to the world in which he lived, the increasingly unsteady Roman Republic in the age of Caesar.

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