Latin Peer-Tutoring

Guidelines for working with a tutor

  1. Arrange a time and place for meetings and exchange contact info (email addresses and phone numbers).
  2. Be sure to let the other party (tutor or student) know in advance (as much as possible) if you can’t make a meeting.
  3. Come to each session on time and prepared to work. For the student, bring your textbooks and whatever materials you would like to work on as well as a list of questions, if you have them.
  4. A tutor should help the student with class work, but should not do assignments or write out translations for a student. A tutor may prepare and share with students notes about grammar, vocabulary, or other study skills.
  5. If you come upon a question that you can’t answer, the student should write it down and bring it to class to discuss with their instructor. The tutor may also consult with the instructor or another faculty member when questions arise.
  6. Before your first meeting, agree on an hourly rate (the usual range for undergraduate tutors is $10-15 per hour), a method of payment, and a schedule of payment (i.e. by the session, week, month). Keep good records of meetings and payments.