CLAS-C 305: Ethnicity, Nationality, and Race in Classical Antiquity (

CLAS-C327 — Fall 2021

Lindsey Mazurek
BH 307
Days and Times
Thurs. 3:15p-4:30p
Course Description

The Mediterranean Sea has been considered as a cauldron of globalization. As a result of travel and trade, which were often driven by conquest or colonization, ideas about race and ethnicity developed. These ideas would shape the Mediterranean throughout antiquity and still inform racial discourse in the modern world.

Our goal is to examine the Mediterranean world over the centuries and gain a more thorough appreciation for its diversity and complexity. We will examine how concepts like race, ethnicity, and culture were defined in the ancient Mediterranean and in what contexts they mattered. We will consider what theories developed to explain human difference and examine what impacts these theories had on political, social, and economic development. Alongside these ancient texts students will also contrast the material remains of these societies and compare local understandings of ethnicity with the Greek and Roman textual sources that define the discipline.

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