CLAS-C212: Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

CLAS-C212 — Spring 2021

Mausoleum at Halicarnassus sculptures
Nicholas G. Blackwell
Days and Times
T/TH 1:10p-2:25p
Course Description

This class explores the literary (Greco-Roman authors), archaeological, architectural, and art historical evidence for the canonical seven wonders of the ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern worlds as well as how they have been understood and imagined from antiquity to the present. Our survey investigates tombs, gardens, temples, statues, coins, sculpture, and lighthouses from Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, and Greece. Particular emphasis is placed on the technology and construction methods utilized in building these monuments as well as identification of a set of criteria for what makes a monument a “wonder.” Ultimately, students will wrestle with the question of what is more impressive: these monuments or the people who produced them. The final month of the course is dedicated to determining the eighth wonder of the ancient world. Students will pick an ancient monument, not on the canonical list, and make a case for its ranking as the eighth wonder of antiquity (limited to the Classical and Near Eastern worlds).

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