A diverse & active graduate program

Students from across the country and world join our graduate program, bringing with them degrees from large universities, small liberal arts colleges, and everything in between. We offer leading M.A., M.A.T., and Ph.D. programs that are as diverse as the careers of our alumni.

Our students take classes that cover an array of topics in classical studies, participate in activities that stimulate discussion, and debate with their peers on pressing topics in the discipline. Our program’s size allows us to mentor all aspects of our students’ preparation for careers in scholarship and teaching.

We are committed to the idea that all classics students should enjoy a first-hand experience of Greek and/or Roman sites, and we encourage participation in summer study abroad and field experience programs. We offer partial funding for summer study abroad on a competitive basis.

We invite speakers who are outstanding in classical studies and related fields to meet informally with our students. These guest speakers are invited by our department, the Program in Ancient Studies, or the Archaeological Institute of America. Our students are given opportunities to succeed, excel, and engage in challenging, interdisciplinary study that prepares them for any career.

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Our graduate students study the classics from unique perspectives that feed into multiple potential career paths and goals. Learn about what our graduate students are engaged in.

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