J. Troy Samuels

J. Troy Samuels

Schrader Visiting Assistant Professor, Classical Studies


  • Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2019
  • M.A., University of Michigan, 2015
  • B.A., Carleton College, 2011

Research areas

  • Archaeology of Rome, Italy, and the Roman World
  • The Archeology of Non-elites and Subaltern Groups
  • Textile Production and Ancient Technologies
  • Urban and State Formation

About J. Troy Samuels

I am an archaeologist whose research explores the archaeology, art, architecture, and history of the Mediterranean and especially central Italy during the first millennium BCE. My research places particular emphasis on understudied and overlooked segments of the ancient population. My current book project, provisionally entitled Rome from Below: Non-Elite Agencies in Italian Urban and State Formation, draws upon data from archaeological excavation, field survey, and the historical record to reconstruct the roles of various non-elite actors and groups in the transformations that reshaped Italy between 700 and 200 BCE. I am also co-directing a publication project, Non-Roman Elites: Tracking Persistence and Change in Italy through the Roman Conquest, that uses a big-data and interdisciplinary approach – drawing on methods from linguistics, funerary archaeology, epigraphy, and ancient history – to reassess the effects, or lack thereof, that the Roman conquest had on local elite groups across the Italian peninsula.

I am an active field archaeologist and currently serve as a senior staff member of the Gabii Project, near Rome. I have published on Iron Age Gabii and am currently finishing a study of gendered agency in urban formation through the analysis of textile production at the site. Students interested in participating in the field school should feel free to contact me. I am also engaged in the digital initiatives to publish our excavations at Gabii as well as legacy data from the excavations of the Regia in Rome and the Val di Cecina Survey in Etruria.