College of Arts and Sciences

Classical Studies

Transfer Credit

If you have received transfer credit from another college or university, and you wish to have your transferred class(es) evaluated by the Classical Studies Department in order to determine an IU Bloomington course equivalency, you will need to complete a "Course Equivalency for Transfer Credit Petition." This process must be used for transfer credits from outside institutions both within America and abroad (in the case, e.g., of overseas study credit, particularly overseas study credit received through non-IU programs).

Below are two different versions of the required petition. The first is for students who have a formal syllabus from the class they would like reviewed; the second is for students with no formal syllabus. Please read the instructions carefully, and attach all requested materials. When you have completed your petition, return it to the Department of Classical Studies, Ballantine Hall 547, to the attention of the Director of Undergraduate Studies.