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  • Spring 2018 lecture sponsored by Classics:
    • Michèle Lowrie
      Andrew W. Mellon Professor, Classics and the College
      University of Chicago
      March 29, 4:30pm
      Walnut Room, IMU

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Dr. Teresa Ramsby presents at her alma mater

November 2017

Dr. Teresa Ramsby, Graduate Program Director and Associate Professor of Classics at UMass Amherst, visited the IUB campus the week before Thanksgiving break to present the final guest lecture sponsored by the Department of Classical Studies this semester, entitled "Portrait of a Goddess: Anna Perenna and the Coin of Gaius Annius". Dr. Ramsby received her PhD in Classics from Indiana University in 2001.

Classics class visits Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee

October 2017

Over fall break, eight members from this semester’s Topography and Monuments of Athens class (CLAS-C 420/503 and ARTH-A 410/501)—taught by Visiting Assistant Professor Nicholas Blackwell—traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to explore a true replica of the Parthenon. The construction of the original Athenian temple, dedicated to the goddess Athena, dates to the mid-5th century BC.

While touring the Nashville Parthenon, students experienced first-hand the sheer size and architectural refinements of the temple. Moreover, the replica offers the best opportunity to view the building’s renowned architectural sculpture in its intended context. The presentation of the original sculptures in London and Athens occurs at eye level, meaning a visit to Nashville is essential to experience the full effect of the Parthenon’s artistic program. Anybody approaching the building immediately focuses their attention on the pedimental sculpture above—either the contest between Athena and Poseidon on the west façade or the birth of Athena on the east. While a replica of the continuous Ionic frieze (usually interpreted as depicting the Panathenaic festival procession) has not been incorporated into the Nashville Parthenon, students discussed visibility issues related to that debated sculpture. The highlight of the trip was seeing a replica of the gold and ivory (chryselephantine) Athena Parthenos statue that originally stood within the Parthenon. The 42-foot gilded statue of Athena in Nashville offers a hypothetical reconstruction—based on ancient literary descriptions and later Roman models—of the original Parthenos statue by the sculptor Pheidias, lost in antiquity.

During their visit, students gave short presentations on the building’s architectural sculpture, the Parthenos statue, the statue’s base with the depiction of Pandora’s birth, and the Amazonomachy composition on Athena’s shield.

Interested in learning about more events related to Classics on campus?

The Bloomington campus is alive with lectures, colloquia, workshops, and conferences on diverse aspects of the ancient world. The Department of Classical Studies sponsors many departmental lectures and the Program in Ancient Studies offers its own Distinguished Lecturer Series as well as colloquia featuring both IU faculty and scholars from other institutions. In addition, the Archaeological Institute of America presents a lecture series each year on topics in Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology in the Indiana area.