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Our students come from all sections of the country and a variety of college backgrounds including both large universities similar to ours, and small liberal arts colleges. Because of the relatively small size of our program, we are able to mentor all aspects of our students' preparation for careers in scholarship and teaching. Each year several students present papers at the Annual Meetings of CAMWS and the APA; the department offers some travel allowance to offset the cost and other funds are available competitively through the Graduate School. We are committed to the idea that all classics teachers should enjoy a first hand experience of Greek and/or Roman sites, and we encourage their participation in the Summer Sessions of the American Academy, American School of Classical Studies or appropriate field archaeology programs. Funds for the partial support of summer study abroad are available on a competitive basis from the Norman T. Pratt Travelling Fellowship Fund, but many of our students have also been awarded fellowships from CAMWS or from the summer programs themselves.

Contact: 651 Ballantine Hall, 812-855-6561 unless otherwise noted

Grace Anthony

Academic Interests: Homeric literature & Greek tragedy


B.A. 2017, Classical Languages, Trinity University

Mitch Arceneaux

Academic Interests: Latin Literature; Greek and Latin Epic


B.A. 2014, Latin, Louisiana State University
M.A. 2016, Classics, Indiana University

Zoe S. Barnett

Academic Interests: Foreign language pedagogy; elementary language pedagogy; early Christian apology and hostile witness literature


B.A. 2016, Louisiana Scholars' College at Northwestern State University, Liberal Arts, concentration in Humanities and Social Thought

Eric Beckman

Academic Interests: Greek Literature; Roman Art; Material Culture; Interplays between Art and Text


B.A. 2010, Classical Civilizations and Greek, DePauw University
M.A. 2014, Classics, Indiana University

Sean Brink

Academic Interests: Greek & Latin Mythology; Gender Roles in the Classical World; Women in Classical Mythology


B.A. 2016, Language Studies (Latin), Indiana State University

Claire Drone-Silvers
Academic Interests: Late Antiquity, Latin and Greek Poetry, Manuscript Studies, Classical Linguistics and Philology


B.A. 2015, Classics, Truman State University
B.S. 2015, Linguistics, Truman State University

Sidney Kochman

Academic Interests: Women in Athenian Legal and Social History, Old Comedy


B.A. 2013, Classics - Greek and Latin, Ohio Wesleyan University

Maria Latham

Academic Interests: Latin pedagogy, Latin poetry, esp. Vergil and Propertius


B.A. 2015, Classical philology, University of Dallas

Benjamin Leach

Academic Interests: Archaic and Classical Greek History, esp. Herodotus; Ancient Ethnography


B.A. 2014, Ancient History & Classics, The Ohio State University
B.A. 2014, Greek and Latin, The Ohio State University
M.A. 2017, Comparative Literature & Cultural Studies, Classics Concentration, The University of New Mexico

Eric Leveque
Academic Interests: Latin Prose, esp. Cicero and Pliny; Latin Lyric Poetry; Roman Religion


B.A. 2012, Religious Studies, Indiana University

Ronald Orr
Academic Interests: Greek and Roman History; Greek Historiography, Greek elegy


B.A. 2012, History and Classics, Fresno Pacific University
M.A. 2015, Classics, Texas Tech University

Conference Presentations:

  • “Insanity of the Main-d: Mainomai as Punishment in Herodotus’ Histories.
    TACMRS 9th International Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, October 24, 2015.
  • “Ferried in: The Evolution of Charon in Greek Epigram.”
    Greek Epigram Symposium, Lubbock, Texas, April 14, 2015.
  • “The Apollo of Springfield: The Simpsons as a modern-day Epidaurus.”
    CAMWS 111th Annual Meeting, Boulder, CO, March 26, 2015.
  • “The Golden Age in Springfield: Antiquity through the Antics of The Simpsons.
    Film & History 2014, Madison, WI, October 31, 2014.
  •  “Herodotus and Solon: Fortune, Fate, and a Theory of History.”
    CAMWS-SS 94th Annual Meeting, Fredericksburg, VA, October 17, 2014.
  • “Fate and Fortune in Herodotus.”
    Boston University, Boston University Graduate Colloquium, March 8, 2014.
  • “Insanity in Herodotus: A Look at the Crazies.”
    Texas Tech University, Arts & Humanities Research Conference, October 26, 2013.

Tom Pappas
Academic Interests: Greek linguistics, Homer, and Greek military history


B.A. 2010, University of Notre Dame
M.A. 2010, Indiana University

Madeline Parrish

Academic Interests: Greek epic and poetry; Athenian law and discourse; pedagogy


B.A. 2017, Classics and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Abby Pullen
Academic Interests: Latin Elegy; Roman Epic, esp. Lucan; Ancient Sexuality


B.A. 2017, Latin and Classics, Marshall University

Matthew Rodney
Academic Interests: Roman History, Latin Historians, Classical Archaeology


B.A., Classical Humanities and History, University of Southern Maine
M.A. in Ancient History and Languages, Indiana University 

Sean Tandy
Academic Interests: Late Roman and Early Byzantine History, Boethius, Maximianus, Early Christian Thought, Roman Satire, Roman Philosophy


B.A. 2010, Classics, University of New Hampshire
M.A. 2012, Classics, Indiana University

Norman T. Pratt Traveling Fellowship, IU Department of Classical Studies, Summer 2013
Fellow of the Medieval Greek Summer School at the Gennadius Library at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Summer 2013
Andrea S. McRobbie Fellowship in Medieval History, IU Medieval Studies Institute, Fall 2016

Papers Presented:
• “Towards the Far End of the Hellenic World,” Lilly Lecture Series, Indiana University at Bloomington, Fall 2011.
• “153 Large Fish: Christian Paideia and Roman Concepts of the Sea in the Great Fishing Mosaic of Aquileia,” IU Medieval Studies Spring Symposium, Indiana University at Bloomington, Spring 2014.
• “Fate and Choice in Musaeus’ Hero and Leander,” CAMWS 110th Meeting, Baylor University, Waco, TX, Spring 2014.
• “Prudentius’s Portrait of St. Cyprian as the Ideal Christian Orator (Peristephanon 13),” Vandalia Late Antique Colloquium, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, Fall 2014. 
• “The ‘Hymn to Mentula’ and the Interpretation of Maximianus’ Opus,” CAMWS 111th Meeting, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, Spring 2015.
• “Boethius as Anti-Boethius: A Re-evaluation of the Role of Boethius in Maximianus’s ‘Third Elegy’,” 51st International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, Spring, 2016.
• “Satiric Amalgamations in Late Antiquity: A Case Study of Two Enigmatic Poems, the Sancti Paulini Epigramma, and Maximianus’s Elegiae,” 4th annual conference of the International Society for Late Antique Literary Studies, Bryn Mawr College and Haverford College, Fall 2016.

Courses Taught:
Classics 205: Classical Mythology (Associate Instructor), Classics 101: Greek Culture (Associate Instructor, discussion leader), Classics 209: Medical Terminology (Instructor), Greek 100: Elementary Greek I (Instructor), Greek 150: Elementary Greek II (Instructor), Latin 100: Introductory Latin I (Instructor), Latin 150: Introductory Latin II (Instructor), Latin 250: Second Year Latin II: Vergil (Instructor), Latin 400: Intensive Study of Literary Latin (Instructor), Latin 495: Independent Study: Cicero’s De senectute (Instructor).

Margaret Kathleen Tuttle
Academic Interests: Latin elegy, esp. Ovid; Roman sex, love, and marriage 


A.B. 2015, Classics, College of Charleston