College of Arts and Sciences

Classical Studies

Degree Requirements

For details concerning degree requirements, see the graduate handbook.

PhD Credit Hrs + Exams

  • 53 credit hrs course work in Greek and Latin after the M.A.
  • Reading proficiency in two modern languages
  • 12-15 credit hrs in PhD minor
  • Reading list exams (3 hrs each) in Greek and Latin
  • Examinations in Greek and in Latin Literature
  • Special Author Examination
  • Dissertation (up to 28 credit hrs)

MA Credit Hrs + Exams

MAT Credit Hrs + Exams + teaching

  • 60 hrs course work as below
  • 20 hrs in Greek or Latin
  • 6 hrs in civilization and culture
  • 24 hrs in education classes
  • 10 hrs supervised student teaching
  • Exams as for the M.A.