College of Arts and Sciences

Classical Studies


Current Faculty

Faculty Member Contact Research Areas
Bridget K. Balint
Associate Professor
Ballantine Hall 553
(812) 855-6651
Latin literature and poetics in the High Middle Ages (1000-1300), the classical tradition, the intersection of literature and philosophy, manuscript studies
Cynthia J. Bannon
Director of Elementary Latin
Ballantine Hall 554
(812) 855-6868
Roman Law, Roman History, Latin Prose
Nicholas G. Blackwell
Schrader Visiting Assistant Professor
Ballantine Hall 557
(812) 855-7337
Archaeology of Greece and the eastern Mediterranean, especially Cyprus; Aegean Bronze Age; Tools, Technology and Craftsmanship; Cross-Cultural Interactions between Greece and the Near East

Artemis Brod
Visiting Assistant Professor
Ballantine Hall 552
(812) 855-7125

Greek Literature and Culture, Greek Imperial Literature, Ancient religion, magic, and medicine

Matthew R. Christ
Department Chair
Ballantine Hall 548
(812) 855-6651
Athenian Legal and Social History, Greek Historiography, Greek Rhetoric and Oratory

Katherine De Boer
Visiting Assistant Professor
Ballantine Hall 558
‚Äč(812) 856-2439

Epic poetry, feminist literary criticism, mythology, Classics in cinema

Margaret Foster
Assistant Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Ballantine Hall 568
(812) 855-6651
Greek literature, especially archaic and classical poetry; Greek cultural history; Greek religion; genre
Eleanor W. Leach
Ruth N. Halls Professor
Ballantine Hall 569
(812) 855-4129
Roman Literature, Literary/Cultural Theory, Roman Art, Roman Letters
Jonathan L. Ready
Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
Ballantine Hall 556
(812) 855-7446
Greek Language and Literature, Homeric Poetry, Narrative Theory and Approaches to Ancient Texts
Martin Shedd
Visiting Assistant Professor
Ballantine Hall 559
(812) 856-5933
Latin Language and Literature, Roman Historiography, Late Antique Political and Religious History
Christina Zarifopol-Illias
Senior Lecturer
Ballantine Hall 560
(812) 855-3739
Latin language and literature, Romanian language and culture, Romanian history and politics

Adjunct Faculty

Faculty Member Contact Research Areas
Sarah Bassett
Associate Professor, Department of History of Art
Fine Arts 132
(812) 855-7501
Late antique aesthetics, portraiture and monumental honorific sculpture, Constantinople
Daniel Caner
Associate Professor
Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Global and International Studies Building 1002
(812) 856-9805
Late antique social and cultural history, with special focus on religious communities of the Mediterranean Near East; Byzantium; asceticism, philanthropy, hagiography and historiography
Deborah M. Deliyannis
Associate Professor, Department of History
Ballantine Hall 708
(812) 855-3431
Late antique and early medieval western Europe and Mediterranean, historiography, cities, bishops, material culture, architecture, and archaeology

Colin Elliott
Assistant Professor,

Department of History

Ballantine Hall 836
(812) 855-7581
Ecological and Economic Integration in the Ancient and Late Antique Mediterranean; Money, its meaning and uses in the Roman Empire; The Application of Economic and Social Theory to Classical Antiquity
Bernie Frischer
Professor, School of Informatics & Computing
Informatics West 200
Archaeoinformatics, Virtual Heritage, Virtual Worlds in teaching and research

Pieter Hasper
Associate Professor,

Department of Philosophy

Sycamore Hall 017
(812) 855-7405
Ancient philosophy
Eric Robinson
Professor, Department of History
Ballantine Hall 730
(812) 855-1745
Archaic and Classical Greece, democracy, political and military history
Jeremy Schott
Associate Professor, Department of Religious Studies
Sycamore Hall 209A
Religions of the Late Ancient and Early Medieval/Byzantine Mediterranean and Near East, Cultural and Social History of Late Antiquity and the Later Roman Empire
Julie Van Voorhis
Associate Professor, Department of History of Art
Fine Arts 132
(812) 855-1897
Ancient Greek and Roman marble sculpture with an emphasis on the Hellenistic period, Roman Republic and Roman Empire

Emeriti Faculty