College of Arts and Sciences

Classical Studies

Affiliated Programs

The Department of Classical Studies enjoys close ties with many departments, including History, History of Art, and Religious Studies, and participates actively in the interdepartmental and interdisciplinary Program in Ancient Studies, which seeks to encourage the study of antiquity in all its facets—history, art, architecture, literature, music, philosophy, religion, and science. The Program, which began in 2000, brings together faculty and students from sixteen departments and programs, and offers a wide range of colloquia, workshops, conferences, and lectures by distinguished visitors—each year its Distinguished Lecturer Series brings to campus two prominent scholars from the United States and abroad for a public lecture and meetings with students and faculty. The Program also sponsors a Ph.D. Minor in which a graduate student may take relevant courses from two or more departments outside the student's home unit.

In addition, the Department of Classical Studies is actively involved in the Medieval Studies Institute, in which faculty from twenty-one academic departments and programs participate, and in the Program in Mythology Studies, which draws on faculty from eight departments, including Indiana University's unique Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology.